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The "lovebirds" sculpture by Helen Denerly, on Elder Street, features two cormorants and was built using bolts and metal from the shipyard.

Visions, Values & Aims

The Association works towards its Vision, Values and Aims and these are as follows:


Govan Housing Association aims to be an innovative and responsive organisation, playing a leading role in the regeneration of Greater Govan and continuing to improve the quality of life of residents.


Equality - This means ensuring that everyone regardless of age, income, marital status, sex, disability, race, sexual orientation, religion and culture has equal access to services of the Association and employment by the Association or contractors working for the Association.  Service provision should closely reflect the evolving needs of the whole community.

Quality - Our aim is that all property and services provided by the Association should be of a high quality, reflect the needs of the users and demonstrate high measurable standards.

Participation - The Association will encourage, and enable, participation by all sections of the community in meaningful consultation to ensure that services are appropriate and responsive.


  • to provide high quality affordable housing;
  • to promote good practice in the planning and delivery of housing services;
  • to raise awareness of the housing needs of the people of Govan;
  • to influence local authority policies and practices within Greater Govan;
  • to influence relevant central government policies;
  • to promote and facilitate inter-agency co-operation as a means of meeting the housing, social and economic needs of the people of Greater Govan.