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Rathlin Street was previously known as Reid Street and Dunsmuir Street was Campbell Street.

Our Properties

The Association operates exclusively in the G51 postcode area of Glasgow. Our houses are located in Central Govan, East Govan and Ibrox on the South Side of the City.

We have properties in the following streets:


 PROPERTY - Broomloan Crescent
Broomloan Crescent
 PROPERTY - Burndyke Court
Burndyke Court
 PROPERTY - Burndyke Square
Burndyke Square
 PROPERTY - Dunsmuir Street odd numbers
Dunsmuir Street
 PROPERTY - Elder Street
Elder Street
 PROPERTY - Elphinstone Place
Elphinstone Place
 PROPERTY - Golspie Street
Golspie Street
 PROPERTY - 940 to 970 Govan Road
Govan Road (Central)
 PROPERTY - 533 Govan Road
Govan Road (East)
 PROPERTY - Howat Street even numbers
Howat Street
 PROPERTY - Langlands Road
Langlands Road
 PROPERTY - Luath Street
Luath Street
 PROPERTY - Merryland Place
Merryland Place
 PROPERTY - Merryland Street
Merryland Street
 PROPERTY - Rathlin Street odd numbers
Rathlin Street
 PROPERTY - Rosneath Street
Rosneath Street
 PROPERTY - 44 to 76 Shaw Street
Shaw Street
 PROPERTY - Southcroft Street odd numbers
Southcroft Street
PROPERTY - Summertown Road
Summertown Road
 PROPERTY - Taransay Street
Taransay Street
 PROPERTY - Vicarfield Place
Vicarfield Place 
 PROPERTY - Vicarfield Street odd numbers
Vicarfield Street
 PROPERTY - Wanlock Street
Wanlock Street
 PROPERTY - Wardrop Street
Wardrop Street
 PROPERTY - Jim Stephen House, Wanlock Street
Jim Stephen House -
Very Sheltered





PROPERTY - Brand Street
Brand Street

PROPERTY - Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Street

PROPERTY - Ibrox Street
Ibrox Street

PROPERTY - Middleton Street
Middleton Street

PROPERTY - Midlock Street
Midlock Street



Govan has excellent transport links. You can reach the City Centre by Underground within 15 minutes and Glasgow Airport is only 5 minutes away by car.

We have over 1,550 properties in management, comprising mainly of traditional tenement flats, new build flats and townhouses.

We have developed accommodation for particular client groups.  This includes  accommodation for wheelchair users, sheltered and very sheltered housing for older people.

We also, in partnership with specialist agencies, provide 24 hour supported accommodation for people with learning difficulties and a project for people with mental health problems. Both projects have been highly praised for how well run and successful they have been.