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Princes Street is now known as Vicarfield Street while Harmony Row was previously Washington Street.


Factoring Service 

As well as our tenanted properties we are also a registered factor and factor a large number of properties on behalf of homeowners and commercial properties.

Our Property Factor Registration Number is PF000200.

We aim to provide the highest standard of service to all domestic and commercial proprietors whose properties we manage. In particular we aim to provide a factoring service that is sensitive to the wishes of owners and responsive to their needs.

An Owner’s pack and a Factoring Written Statement is issued to all new owners. If you wish a copy of the owners pack please contact us.

PROPERTY - Vicarfield PlaceCommon Repairs

Only common repairs and not repairs to individual properties should be reported to us.

You can request a repair or contact us to discuss the matter first. Emergency repairs should be reported to our contractor outwith office hours. If a non-emergency repair is reported the call out fee will be recharged. Each owner will be charged a share of all common repairs as determined by their Deed of Conditions.

The Association employs contractors from our approved Contractors list. These companies are assessed in terms of cost, quality and equal opportunities. Should they perform poorly they are removed from our list.

Cyclical Maintenance

We will produce a cyclical maintenance plan to ensure that the common areas are maintained to a good standard. We will review this annually.

We do not carry out repairs to owners individual properties.


We issue invoices to owners twice a year covering the following periods:

  • 29 March to 28 September; and
  • 29 September to 28 March

You should pay your invoice within 28 days or by Standing Order.

An increasing number of owners are using the Standing Order option to spread the costs over the year and avoid the need to visit the office or send in a cheque.

If owners fail to pay their accounts we have a number of debt collection methods we use to pursue them:

  • Trace the owner to their home or business address;
  • Remove the property from our block insurance policy;
  • Instruct Sheriff Officers to visit the property;
  • Attach a Notice of Potential Liability for Costs to your property;
  • Take court action depending on the level of debt. If the debt is more than £150 or you are persistently in arrears with no repayment plan we will take action to obtain a Decree for repayment. We will then instruct Sheriff Officers to carry out arrestments, attachments to property etc.

As with our tenants we are here to help owners who are experiencing difficulty in paying their accounts and we would ask you to contact us to discuss your account and set up an affordable repayment plan and where appropriate refer you to other agencies who will provide assistance.


We arrange building insurance through our common block policy and recharge the relevant premuim on your invoice. There is currently a £100 excess for domestic properties and £250 for commercial properties.

Management Fee

Our Management Fee represents the cost of administering and carrying out our property management duties detailed in your Deed of Conditions.

We review the fee annually to ensure that it covers the costs of providing the service. If any increase is proposed we will consult owners and notify you in advance of the increase being applied.

Queries / Complaints

If you have any queries, or wish to make a complaint, regarding our Factoring service please contact us.

Sharing Owners

We have a number of Sharing Owners in McKechnie Street and Wanlock Street.

These owners have purchased a "tranche" of 25, 50, or 75% of their property and rent the remaining part. Sharing Ownership allows the property to be bought in parts while still renting part of it.