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If you are elderly or disabled and cannot manage into the Office, we can arrange for a member of staff to visit your home if you require help or advice relating to your tenancy.


PROPERTY - Rathlin Street even numbersIn common with all housing associations, and local authorities, we offer a Scottish Secure Tenancy.

This is a requirement of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. The agreement offered is based on the model agreement drafted by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and was approved in consultation with Central Govan Tenants' and Residents' Association.


Rents are charged on a monthly basis and are due on the 28th of each month in advance, that is the rent you pay on 28 January covers the period from 28 January to 27 February.

Tenants on benefits or a low income may claim Housing Benefit.

Our staff try to prevent arrears from happening. We give all new tenants advice on Housing Benefit and help to complete forms where necessary. We also help with referrals to other agencies such as Second Opportunities.

From time to time some tenants rent accounts fall into arrears for a number of reasons.

We are here to help - Our staff make every effort to contact tenants in arrears to try and get them to agree a manageable repayment plan or to help with any issues relating to Housing Benefit entitlement and payments.

Unfortunately some tenants don’t make contact, or pay their rent, and we have to use more formal ways to recover the arrears which may include court action.

If our staff phone, leave a card at your home or send a letter asking that you contact them, please do this immediately to ensure any problems are resolved as soon as possible. Please don’t assume that everything is OK and there is no need to get back to us. We don't contact you unless there is a problem with your account or Housing Benefit.

Eviction will be considered only as a last resort, but unfortunately, the number of evictions being carried out due to non payment of rent is increasing. It is not in our, nor the tenants, interest to carry out an eviction. We are left with another property to allocate and the tenant is left homeless, a less than ideal situation that we would like to.

We would always advise tenants who have had court action started against them to seek independent advice from such as Govan Law Centre or Money Matters.

Remember we do not want to evict so please contact us to avoid further action and help you reduce your debt in a manageable way.

PROPERTY - Wardrop StreetTenancy Sustainment

We see sustainment as an important part of the services we offer. In 2012 we appointed a Tenancy Sustainment Officer to assist tenant with matters that may lead to them giving up their tenancy.

This proactive service aims to support our tenants in successfully managing their homes and tenancies and reduce the risk of eviction or tenancy failure.

We aim to support tenants from sign up, through the life of their tenancy and to post tenancy, where required. The service is available for new and existing tenants.

Tenants who require support with the practical issues of managing their homes and keeping the terms of their tenancy have already benefited from this service.

We have formed successful  partnerships with various external agencies; Second Opportunities (furniture recycling centre), Galgael, (community project) Jobs & Business Glasgow (training and employment) The Portal (community arts project), SAMH (mental health support) to name but a few.

The partnerships we have with these agencies allow our tenants to access services with greater ease.

To date, almost 100 tenants have benefitted from this service – assisting with help in reducing fuel bills, obtaining free decorating products or help finding some training/employment.

Home Visits

If you are elderly or disabled and cannot manage into the Office, we can arrange for a member of staff to visit your home if you require help or advice relating to your tenancy.

We can also arrange for a member of staff to call to your home if you are having difficulty in completing a Housing Application.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this service with you further and, if appropriate, make an appointment for a home visit to be carried out.