Debt Recovery and Financial Support

The Factoring team take a proactive approach to recovering factoring charges and will work with owners to help prevent arrears becoming an issue.  We will encourage owners to set up a monthly direct debit to spread the cost of the factoring charges and to assist owners with budgeting.  We also encourage owners to engage with us if they are having difficulty in paying their charges and we will provide them with details of agencies who can provide advice or assistance including Citizens Advice Bureau, Money Matter, etc.  We will also provide owners access to our  Financial Inclusions Team who can provide Free, impartial and confidential Welfare Benefit, Money & Debt Advice.

Where owners do not contact us to discuss their debts, despite several reminder letters, the Association will pursue legal action to recover the sums due, and will also seek to recover the costs of doing so.

If owners fail to pay their accounts, we have a number of debt collection methods we may use to pursue them:

  • Trace the owner to their home or business address
  • Contact the mortgage company to advise buildings insurance has not been paid
  • Instruct Sheriff Officers to visit the property
  • Attach a Notice of Potential Liability for Costs to the property
  • Take court action depending on the level of debt. If the debt is more than £250 or you are persistently in arrears with no repayment plan, we may take action to obtain a decree for payment. We will then instruct Sheriff Officers to carry out an arrestment, attachment to property, etc.

Full Debt Recovery Procedures are available on request.

Free, impartial and confidential


Our Welfare Benefit, Money & Debt Advice Service is free, impartial and confidential.  Our Financial Inclusion Team can assist you with the following:

  • Financial Health Check-Ups
  • Assistance to apply for benefit claims
  • Liaising with DWP and benefit offices
  • Universal Credit/Housing Benefit Claims and advice
  • Debt and Money Advice
  • Energy Advice
  • Assistance to apply for any relevant grants
  • Referrals to other partner organisations
  • Mandatory reconsideration’s, reviews, supersessions and representation at appeals

They provide an appointment-based service at our office during opening hours, with home visits available on request. To make an appointment call the office on 0141 440 0308, alternatively you can complete the contact form and a member of the team will contact you.

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