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We are a professional property factoring company with over 48 years of experience in both the factoring and housing industry, and believe our reputation speaks for itself. We have experienced professional and qualified staff, a highly skilled repairs and maintenance subsidiary, Govan HOME Team, and a list of approved contractors with high standards. Furthermore, we have a close working relationship with Glasgow City Council and can assist owners in seeking grant funding for eligible major works.

Our factoring service is operated by a dedicated factoring team, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of factoring and repairs.

The Association’s highly skilled operations team also provides assistance with estate management issues, repairs and maintenance.

Customers can also access the Associations Financial Inclusions Service to seek independent advice from our qualified money advisors, and can also access our Community Inclusions Team, who can provide access to local groups, training or digital advice.

For more information download a copy of our  Factoring Service Customer Guide or contact us.

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Our Developments

What we manage

Through our factoring service we manage a range of, predominately, residential developments across the Greater Govan, Ibrox and Cessnock area.

Our properties include the following:

  • Traditional tenements
  • Tenements with commercial units on the ground floor
  • Modern flatted developments
  • Modern housing estates with communal areas
  • Traditional flatted developments
  • Listed buildings
  • Mixed, large-scale flatted and housing developments


Experienced and local

Appointing Govan Housing Association to manage your property on behalf of the owners is a simple process and our dedicated factoring team will be happy to assist you with the process.

If your block is currently self-factored or if there is just no factor in place it can be quite challenging to ensure all owners are involved in maintaining the property and that each owner pays for their share of the works.

That’s where we can help; we can manage repairs, projects, finances, etc. on behalf of the owners, removing the pressure from you, and can assist you in protecting your investment. We can also provide building insurance to cover the property, ensuring that the full tenement is sufficiently covered.

Equally, a change of factor can be easily arranged providing that there is support from a majority of the owners. We will ensure that the requirements of your deeds are met and can assist with advice and guidance.

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