Family Money Worries: Why it Matters to Workplaces

“On the 2nd of December 2021 from 14.00 till 15.30, the Employment and Health team at NHSGGC will be hosting an important and timely webinar on In-Work Poverty and Families.

We are currently in the midst of a perfect storm… the impact of COVID-19, cost of living increases, and reduction in some benefits means that more families than ever are struggling with finances. The stress of having family money worries can affect all aspects of life, including our performance at work, our mental wellbeing, and our ability to take care of our health and that of others.

Our companies have said …

“Worries mean that people can’t concentrate and make mistakes”

“Staff may go off sick if things get too bad”

“Team members are unable to participate in nights out, etc. leading to feelings of isolation”

At this webinar we will have speakers from various organisations such as: Glasgow Caledonian University, Working Families and the Child Poverty Action Group.

Our expert panel will raise awareness of the main issues and share examples of practical measures which can help reduce the negative impact of money worries, on both employees and organisations.

Following the presentations there will be an opportunity for Q&A with the panellists.

This webinar is open to everyone, please feel free to pass onto anyone who may be interested in attending. If you would like to attend, please register here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the event. The Microsoft Teams link to join can be found in this email.