This section covers the types of repairs we do and how we we prioritise them.

Types of repairs

Emergency repairs

These are repairs that require immediate attendance to ensure the safety of tenants and the security of the property. Some follow-up work may be required under the Urgent or Routine categories.

Examples of these are total loss of water or electricity, total loss of heating (in cold weather), serious roof leaks and breaches of security to outside doors and windows.

We will respond to emergency repairs within 3 hours to remove the direct source of hazard.

Urgent Repairs

These are repairs that require attention to prevent further deterioration of the property, or undue risk or inconvenience to the tenant.

Examples of these are plumbing leaks, central heating faults, blocked drains and minor electrical faults.

We will respond to urgent repairs within 24 hours.

Routine repairs

These are any other day-to-day repairs.

Examples of these are general joinery repairs, such as kitchen fittings, internal doors, etc., and minor plumbing repairs.

We will respond to routine repairs within 5 working days.

Cyclical Repairs

Annual Gas Servicing – we service all of our boilers on an annual basis as required by law;

Planned Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance – the common landscape areas are maintained throughout the year, including regular cuts and litter picks;
Common Stair and Window Cleaning – carried out on a weekly basis;
Paintwork – we paint the common closes, windows, eaves, etc. on a 5-year cycle, where required.

Planned maintenance work includes replacing items within our properties as they reach the end of their natural life, for example, new boilers, kitchens and bathrooms.

We will include a programme of the upcoming work we intend to carry out shortly.

Information regarding Planned Maintenance work will appear here.