Contents Insurance

Insuring your home & belongings

Content Insurance

We insure the structure of your house, but this does not cover your personal belongings or damage to the decoration in your home.

Many tenants think that our insurance covers them for damage to their furniture, carpets, decoration, etc. after a fire or burst pipes. Our insurance does not cover this.

Whether the damage was caused by a leaking roof or a burst pipe, a fire in your house or in someone else’s house, or by a neighbour’s washing machine overflowing, we are not responsible for any damage to your belongings (assuming we have not been negligent).

Please remember that you may be held liable for any damage to your neighbours’ goods and decoration caused by accidents or neglect, or by the failure of any machine which is your responsibility. The most common type of accident is overflowing washing machines. The Diamond Insurance Scheme may cover you for such a liability.


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