Take care of your keys

Lost Keys


Please note: We do not keep spare keys for your house.

It is in your own interests to have a spare set of keys cut and left with a relative or someone you trust.

If you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your property, we may be able to gain access for you. This will depend on whether we have a tradesman available to gain access.

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If we agree to gain access for you

We will charge you for gaining access and for any damage caused in forcing your door.

However, we will NOT gain access for you if:

  • We do not have a tradesman available;
  • You have any debts with the Association as a result of any previous rechargeable repairs; or
  • It is outside normal working hours.

In this situation, you will need to find your own joiner or locksmith to gain access for you.

Please note that we have instructed our emergency contractor NOT to respond to call outs for lost keys due to the costs involved (over £100), which we would have to pass on to the tenant.