Marion McIntyre

How long have you worked in housing?

I’ve been in Housing for 25 years.

How long have you worked at Govan?

Almost 4 years.

What does a normal week in your job involve?

Allocating empty houses, collecting rent arrears, carrying out home visits and helping tenants with any problems they may have.

No two days are ever the same.

What areas do you cover?

Luath Street, Elder Street and Langlands Road in the Central Govan area, and Burndyke Square, Elphinstone Place, Merryland Street and Place and Burndyke Court in Govan C and Dunsmuir Street.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Happy customers, for example by making someone an offer of housing knowing that it will improve their life.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Calming down angry or aggressive people. It’s not easy but understanding and calmness goes a long way.

What is the best advice you could give your tenants?

Contact the Housing team about any tenancy issues you are concerned about – we are here to help you.

Funniest moment in Housing?

A few years ago I was locked out in a backcourt and made the decision the only way out was to climb some railings and scale a wall with a 7 foot drop behind it.

As I was doing this the Partick Thistle team were passing and started humming the Indiana Jones theme and cheered me on.


Showing dogs – My two Irish Setters and I travel the country, and they have qualified for Crufts four times.

Favourite Music

Sam Smith is my current favourite.

Favourite TV Show

Game of Thrones.