Our Factoring Service

As a property factor we manage and maintain the common parts of land or property on behalf of owners, for example roofs and gutters, close areas, door entry systems and common gardens or pathways.

We provide a comprehensive and bespoke property management service to our customers at a competitive property management fee.

Looking for a Factor?

Our Services Include:

We will carry out day to day routine repairs to common areas that have been reported to us by a customer or identified by staff following an inspection, providing the costs are below the delegated financial threshold for instructing repairs. The financial threshold will be detailed in the deeds or set and agreed by owners. Routine repairs include door entry repairs, locks, etc.

Cyclical Maintenance programmes can be set up over a fixed period of time to protect the property from falling into a state of disrepair, for example gutter cleaning, roof inspections, painting of common areas, etc.  Some cyclical programmes (normally in newer build properties) are required to maintain health and safety within the building, for example fire safety equipment, water hygiene, lift servicing, etc.

Building components deteriorate and wear out with time and use. Planned maintenance is an asset management strategy to ensure buildings and their components function adequately and preserve the value of the building.  We can work with owners to achieve a planned maintenance program.

Major repairs are likely to exceed financial thresholds, therefore prior to carrying out any major repairs, for example stone repairs or re-roofing, we will consult with the owners in detail regarding any proposed works. Following approval we will manage the major works on behalf of the owners. An additional administration fee may apply depending on the extent of the works and will be discussed at the consultation stage.

Common maintenance can also be managed on behalf of owners. We can arrange for communal areas to be cleaned on a regular basis, maintain landscaped areas or back courts and liaise with electricity suppliers in relation to the communal supply.

We will issue common charges invoices twice a year in April and October and collect payments for works carried out. We will provide a variety of payment methods including monthly direct debits to assist owners with budgeting. If an owner falls into arrears we will follow our arrears procedure (a copy is available online or on request) and provide access to our independent qualified money advisors.

Customer Reviews

“ After 5 years of not being able to get the roof repaired, we moved to Govan Housing Association and the work was carried out in under a year. The team there have been brilliant and I now have complete confidence, that the property will be managed effectively” Owner at Middleton Street