The Govan Home Team

The Govan Home Team is an arms-length subsidiary of Govan Housing Association, that carries out various contracts for the association which include reactive repairs, voids, and Estate Management and kitchen/bathroom replacements. The Home Team offices are situated in Edmiston Drive.

The main objective for the Govan Home Team is to provide an excellent service to the tenants and customers of Govan Housing Association.

Main operational objectives

The development of the Govan Home Team subsidiary will enhance and compliment how we achieve the strategic objectives outlined below through the main operational objectives of the Home Team, which are:

  • To improve service delivery to all of our service users;
  • To improve business efficiencies within the Govan Housing Association maintenance department;
  • To generate a surplus to re-invest into the local community that we serve;
  • To ensure growth and meet priority needs; and
  • To ensure the provision of wider community benefits to the local area.

We are confident that the quality of the service we provide helps our tenants and the wider community feel safe and secure.

Our Focus

The Govan Home Team CIC (Community Interest Company) went live in May 2017. Our focus is to deliver key elements of our planned, cyclical, reactive, void, estates and landscaping programmes.

We are serious about turning our vision into reality and providing excellent quality repairs, maintenance and environmental services that make a positive impact on people and communities.

This focus really signals the future direction of the Govan Housing Association Group; one that is genuine about customer service,  is committed to ensuring the residents get the best possible deal, the highest quality products, and – most importantly – ensures that we provide an exceptional service that puts our residents and the wider community at the heart of everything we do.

To repairs and maintenance

Our commitment

Govan Home Team are serious about turning our vision for our new subsidiary into reality by providing the following services:
  • Undertaking all reactive repairs in an efficient and timely manner for Govan Housing Association;
  • Carrying out a planned maintenance program on behalf of Govan Housing Association;
  • Providing a VOID maintenance service to ensure the quickest possible turn around on all vacated properties; and
  • Carrying out all estates and landscaping work both on a weekly basis and through planned programs.
To Customer Care

Our commitment

We are committed to providing the highest standard of service to all our customers and are dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure added value and satisfaction.

We will:

  • ensure that all our customers are treated with respect;
  • be professional, honest, courteous and efficient in all we do;
  • provide fair and equal service to all our customers;
  • provide information that is relevant, accurate, up to date and easy to understand;
  • respect customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality;
  • provide timely responses to all requests;
  • ensure that the appropriate member of staff is accessible;
  • provide a prompt and efficient repairs and maintenance service and set performance targets ensuring work is completed on time;
  • consult customers and consider opinions before making decisions that affect the services we provide;
  • regularly seek feedback on the range and quality of services we provide;
  • listen to customers’ comments, suggestions and complaints which will allow us to continuously improve the way in which we deliver our services.