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Govan gained Burgh status in 1864 and was Scotland's fifth biggest burgh.

About Us 

ARCHIVE - Golspie Street New Govan Society visitGovan Housing Association was born from the ranks of the New Govan Society, seen on the right visiting Golspie Street around 1970.

A primary aim of the New Govan Society was to encourage greater community involvement in the redevelopment of Govan. 

Registered as a charitable Housing Association in 1971, Govan Housing Association was the first community based Housing Association in Scotland and became the model for the development and growth of Housing Associations in Scotland. The Association is run by a Management Committee of local people, mainly tenants of the Association, who work to ensure that our Visions, Values and Aims and ourn Customer Care Service Standards are adhered to. 

ARCHIVE - Govan Road from Festival Court 1967The Committee is supported by our staff team, who work within six areas of expertise being Corporate Services, Finance, Housing Management, Maintenance, Development & Regeneration and our Direct Labour force. 

We have developed and grown over the last 40+ years and the types of property we now own and manage range from refurbished traditional sandstone tenements to newly built townhouses. We have also developed homes to meet specific needs. This has included properties for wheelchair users, and sheltered and very sheltered housing for older people.ARCHIVE - Govan Road from Pearce statue 



Our photgraphs here show Govan Road (above), around 1970, taken from where Burndyke Court is now and the Pearce Institute (on right) from the same time.