Our Performance Framework

Measuring Performance

Our Performance Management Framework

Our Performance Management Framework acts as a self-assessment tool against a wide range of processes linked to the Scottish Social Housing Charter. This tool is used by the Senior Management Team to assist in departmental improvements and individual performance management.

  • Plan – What do we want to look at and what area of the service provisions are we going to measure?
  • Do – How are we going to measure it? What results have been shown? Are we doing things in the most effective manner?
  • Act – Look at how we are carrying out our business. Do we need to change the way we are managing this process? If yes, then do it now.
  • Review – Look at how we have performed. Is there room for further improvement? How are we going to maintain the current standard?
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Communicating Performance

Time frames for our reports

We report on our performance data in our Annual Report which is reviewed by our Management Committee; we also report to the Scottish Housing Regulator through the Annual Return on the Charter process. Our performance is matched against key performance indicators across four data areas.

Setting Performance Goals

Repairs & Maintenance

We set targets to measure our performance in responding to carry out repairs in relation to the Annual Return on the Charter. This target is measured from when the repair is reported to us until the work is completed.

Emergency                    3 hours

Non Emergency           5 working days

During last year 2018/19 we met these targets

We also have a target for Urgent repairs of 24 hours which we also met during the year.


of reactive repairs completed Right First Time (2018/19)

1.44 hours

to complete Emergency repairs on average (2018/19)

3.10 days

to complete Non Emergency repairs on average (2018/19)

Setting Performance Goals

Housing Management

Our Housing Management team also have a set of targets which they strive to achieve

Rent Arrears                                    4.50% of Gross Rental Income

Relet Times                                      14 days

Tenancy Sustainability                  91.00%

Unfortunately we haven’t met these targets during the past year but will continue to work on improving this performance.


of Gross Rental Income is rent arrears

24.61 days

to relet properties from date property is empty


of new tenants within last year are still in their tenancies one year later