Street Visits

We want to keep in touch and listen to what is important for our tenants’ quality of life.  We are introducing a rolling programme of street visits throughout the year where members of staff will be in your area to say hello, have a chat, share information or take action on any issues you wish to raise.

Before the visit, we will send out a letter with the date and time.  We will try different times and days to suit as many people as possible and will listen to your feedback on what works. We want to know what method of communication works best for you and if you would prefer information in another language.

If you would like to get know more people in your area, we can let you know about existing Residents Groups, or we can look at setting one up.  This could be for housing matters, or just a social group. We will look at linking in with existing groups and resources too.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved by phone to 0141 406 6638 or text 07521 054411 or email