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It is important that residents understand and are able to be part of the processes involved in delivering Govan’s housing and associated services. In order to allow for residents to become involved, the Association has developed a consultation register.

A consultation register allows tenants to be consulted on areas of Association business that they express a particular interest in. This may be as basic as receiving information to read over at their leisure, or may involve a little more involvement, such as informing the Association about a particular subject or becoming involved in a focus group or working party.


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We would like to take this opportunity to invite all residents to be included in the register so as we can contact you when a specific area of interest arises. This allows those residents with a genuine interest in a topic to be involved and provides the Association with a database of interested residents who would not routinely get involved with consultation exercises.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us indicating your area of interest and a member of staff will be in touch.


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