Community Fund

We have a community fund, to which groups of at least 2 people can apply to improve the quality of life in their local area.  You can find out more on our community fund application form guidance notes.

To apply, there is a short community fund application form to complete,  which you can download or phone for a paper copy to be send out.

Grants in the region of £500 are available throughout the year.  Deadlines for consideration are 31st March, 31st May and 30th September.

To be successful, the project must fit one of our 5 community engagement priorities, which are:

  1. Children, young people and families
  2. Employment and Volunteering
  3. Community and Environment
  4. Digital Skills
  5. Tenancy Sustainment

Examples could be raised flower beds or a herb garden for the back court area, bike stands, one off costs for local event, day trip.

Community Fund Application Form Govan HA

Guidance Notes for Govan HA Community Fund