How your rent is set

Our aim is to charge rents that people on a low income can afford, whilst maintaining high standards in our services and properties.

Each year we set our rents in accordance with our rent policy.

We consult with tenants about any proposed changes and these are then approved by Govan Housing Association’s Management Committee. We write to all tenants giving 28 days’ notice if there are to be any changes (these usually take effect as of 28 April each year).

If your tenancy started before 1989, your rent is set by an Independent Rent Panel. This is known as “Fair Rent”.

If you want further information on how your rent is set, please contact your Housing Officer.

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What does your rent pay for?

Rent is the main source of income for Govan Housing Association and pays for:

  • Managing and repairing your properties;
  • Future repairs and improvements;
  • Repaying loans we took on to build or improve our properties;
  • Any rent lost through rent arrears and empty properties; and
  • Managing your home and neighbourhood.

You may also pay a service charge in addition to your basic rent. The service charge pays for items such as:

  • Ground maintenance of common areas, e.g. grass cutting or litter picking;
  • Common stair and window cleaning;
  • Lighting of common areas;
  • Other services in Sheltered Housing.

Top Tips

  • Do not ignore the problem
  • Do not ignore our letters or telephone calls regarding rent arrears as this will result in legal action if you do not contact us
  • Do not borrow money from door-to-door or payday lenders as this will make your debt problems worse due to the high interest rates you have to pay back on any loans

What we will do

  • We aim to put any rent payments you make to Govan Housing Association into our system within two days of receipt; 
  • We will send you a rent statement once a year or you can contact us at any time for an up to date rent statement or check the balance on your rent account;
  • We will consult with you on any rent increase proposals; and
  • Our rents are reviewed once per annum and any increase will be charged from 28th April each year. We will always give you four weeks’ notice of any rent increase.

We can

  • Arrange for you to repay your arrears in instalments;
  • Put you in touch with our Community Inclusion Team who can check that you are getting all benefits you are eligible for; and
  • Help you sort out your problems before they get out of control, so if you are facing financial difficulties, don’t delay in contacting us.