Let 2022 be the year for you to try something New

So many people, this New Year will have made an array of resolutions from joining a gym to giving something back and possibly even changing career.

Govan Volunteer Bank are promoting and developing a range of volunteering opportunities in and around the Govan area with a range of Voluntary projects and are inviting people to consider volunteering a couple of hours a week to help “Give Back & Grow Govan”.

Volunteering offers a whole range of opportunities which can help you achieve personal goals as well as helping and growing your community.

If you want to become more physically active , why not get involved in something sporting or environmental gardening project,  keeping active as well as using and developing your skills and being active within your community.

If you are thinking of pursuing a job in a particular area, what better way to see what it’s like than by volunteering in that area? Volunteering also brings the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences – what could be better?

If you are interested in exploring volunteering and what it can offer visit the Govan Volunteer Bank website don’t be put off from trying out volunteering if you don’t see any volunteering opportunities that meets your needs, Register online and our Volunteer & Training Coordinator Carol Kearns will contact you and have a chat about your expectations and needs and help you find an opportunity that suits you.

The Govan Volunteer Bank website also has a list of community events and training that’s on offer

Let 2022 be the year for you to try something New