Latest News - Rent Consultation

Rent Consultation Results 2021/22

We would like to thank all our residents and shared owners who took part in our Rent Review Consultation this year.  Overall we had 95 overall returned results and of this 88.76% of our residents agreed to a 2% increase.

The 2% rent increase will be implemented from the 28th April 2021 and each resident and shared owners will receive written confirmation before March 2021 of your rental liability for your property.

If you are claiming Universal Credit, you may receive a ‘To Do’ request in your journal asking for your new housing costs from April 2021, you can’t update your journal until your rent increase has happened.  If you are entitled to Housing Benefit and this is directly paid to the Association our Association will update Glasgow City Council directly of your increase.    If you are paid Housing Benefit directly and not to the Association you will be required to update them of your rent increase.  You can do this by contacting them on 0141 287-2000 or online at

If you are need to discuss your rent liability or require any advice regarding your rent you can contact us on 0141 440 0308 or email our Income Team on  For any Money Advice, Benefit Health Check and assistance to apply for any entitled benefits or income, contact our Financial Inclusion Service on 0141 440 0308 or email our team at