Rent Review Consultation 2024-2025 feedback

Rent Consultation 2024/2025 feedback

Govan Housing Association would like to express our gratitude to all our customers who participated in our annual rent consultation that is now complete for 2024/25.  The consultation aimed to gather our customers valuable input on our annual rent increases, and we appreciate your engagement in shaping the future of our community.  We had utilized both traditional and digital channels to ensure accessibility, and we received a significant number of responses from both engaging platforms.

Digital Consultation Results:

  • Surveys Sent: 1391
  • Returns: 354 (25% response rate)
  • 6% voted for a 6.25% rent increase
  • 4% voted for a 6.50% increase

Paper Consultation Results:

  • Surveys Sent: 1499
  • Returns: 79 (5% response rate)
  • 5% voted for a 6.25% rent increase
  • 5% voted for a 6.50% increase

After careful consideration of all responses and feedback received, the Association Board has approved a rent increase of 6.25%.  Our customers will soon receive written information with details regarding our customers specific rent adjustment that will be due by the 28th April 2024.  We want to remind our customers of the important steps to take for any of our customers who are in receipt of the below rent assistance;

  1. Universal Credit Recipients: If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, you will receive an action on your journal within the next couple of weeks. Please update your rent information promptly.
  2. Housing Benefit Recipients: If you receive Housing Benefit directly, it is crucial to inform Housing Benefit of your rent increase to avoid any disruptions.

We want to advise any customers who have any Direct Debits in place this will automatically be amended for you.  The

If any of our customers require any assistance or have any questions regarding the rent adjustment process, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our team is here to help and ensure a smooth transition.

We remain committed to providing a high-quality housing and services to our community.