Volunteer Opportunities

Govan Volunteer Bank is excited to keep you updated with a vast range of exciting and new:

  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Training Opportunities
  • Community Events

Volunteering Opportunities – We have over 50 Volunteering opportunities registered ranging from Volunteer Drivers, Cooks, Befrienders, Retail assistants, Gardeners, bike mechanics, whatever you what to do let us support you in finding the right volunteering opportunity, you can find a list of all opportunities on our website under opportunities.

Training Opportunities and Programmes- We have a vast range of training opportunities available from IT support to Mental Health Awareness, many of the training opportunities are free. A list of current registered training opportunities can be found on the website under training.

Community Groups and activities- Looking to get involved in a walking Group? Or Learn a new skill? Build Confidence Or Just meet people socially there is a range of Community Groups and activities listed on our website. And can be found under the events section on our website

If your organisation would like to register any events, Volunteering or Training opportunities you can do so by visiting our and going to registration page.

If would like to get involved in volunteering please visit our website and register as a volunteer on our registration page

Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.

Please also be sure to follow us on facebook, Govan Volunteer Bank.